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Surveyor Information Pages

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Force 5 is currently offering all users a “Surveyor Information Page” (SIP) i.e., an entire web page exclusively dedicated to your company, complete with your company logo for only $395.00.

This gives you the opportunity to advertise and create your own web presence at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

A direct link to your SIP will be created next to the basic information already listed in the "Find A Surveyor" section of
Force 5.

Click here to view a sample SIP.

sip_bl.JPG (8902 bytes)As a Force 5 SIP subscriber you will have a full customized web page exclusively dedicated to your company. You will also enjoy a multitude of other benefits such as:

REDBULL2.GIF (246 bytes) Anytime the word “SURVEY” is used as part of a search criteria from any popular Internet search engine such as; Yahoo, InfoSeek, Excite, AltaVista, Lycos, etc, the Force 5 web site will appear at the top (or near the top) of the search results list. If an individual is searching for a marine surveyor in their area and follow the link from their search results to the Force 5 web site, the first thing they will see is the “Find A Surveyor” link. Once they locate your name all they have to do is click on the SIP link to go directly to your custom surveyor information page and learn more about your company.

REDBULL2.GIF (246 bytes) You will be able to include your web address on business cards, advertisements and other promotional materials. Now those seeking more information about your company may find it on the Internet.

REDBULL2.GIF (246 bytes) By having force 5 host your web site you will save the time and money normally associated with setting up an Internet Site such as:
  • No domain name registration fees
  • No web composition and design fees
  • No annual (URL) universal resource link fees
  • No monthly hosting fees or surprise rate increases

REDBULL2.GIF (246 bytes) Your e-mail link will appear at the top and bottom of your SIP. Individuals and insurance companies requiring more information will be just a click away from corresponding with you.

REDBULL2.GIF (246 bytes) Should you wish to expand your SIP into a complex multi-page web site we can do this too.

Two Ways to Order
Print this form and fax it to:

(772) 334-5180

Or Phone us:

(800) 373-6030

form.gif (1236 bytes) Click here to print a Force 5 Order Form
We will call you within 24 hours of receiving your request form to gather the information we will require to begin designing your SIP.


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