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Force 5 Testimonials

What are people saying about Force 5 ?

"Force 5 is great! I will never go back to the old way of putting out my reports."
MAA, Tequesta, FL 9-95


"If I ever go independent, I'll probably plagiarize your format."
Kim, CIGNA Loss Control


"... I have never seen such a detailed and complete survey come in our office for any other yacht. I will be sure to send people your way..."
AWF, Stillwater, MN 92


"After the client gave this survey report to his insurance company, I received a call from them (Allstate) asking for a resume. I followed up and they sent a letter to all of their local agents letting them know my services are available. The agent complimented me on the survey report and stated "this is the type of survey I have been looking for."
WF, Staten Island, NY 92


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