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Force 5 is a powerful, stand alone Windows™ program dedicated to survey report preparation. No external word processor or data base is needed to run this program. Its powerful database stores your information, valuations, findings and recommendations, and automatically creates a fully formatted, professional report of survey with the correct page and description references.

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By following the on-screen report outline and choosing or entering the appropriate descriptions, your report of survey is created and printed in less time than you ever thought possible. You never have to worry about formatting, page numbering, and keeping up with what you typed four pages back, Force 5 keeps track of that for you.

Best of all, anything you type can be saved for use in future reports. All it takes is a click on the description and it appears in your report, in the correct place and the with correct references. Never type "Investigate further and repair or replace as necessary" again!

Users of version 3 can upgrade to version 6.7X for $129.00

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