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Download a Free Preview

Click here to Download your Force 5 Demo Take a few minutes to see for yourself just what Force 5 can do for you with this informative and entertaining electronic brochure. (Download is 735K - approximately 5 minutes at 28.8 BPS or 3 minutes at 57.6 BPS - worth the wait!)

Instructions for Viewing

Once the file is downloaded, go to the directory or folder you downloaded to and double click with the left mouse button on the "Force5.EXE" file. Choose where you would like the self-extracting program to put the Force 5 free preview, by typing in the "Unzip To Folder" box or accept the default. Click on the unzip button.

Next simply go to the directory or folder to which you unzipped the file and double click on setup.exe. At the setup Force Five screen click on "Setup Force5 free previewnstration". Select the directory or folder to which you would like to install the Force5 free previewnstration or accept the default. Click OK. Once the Force5 free previewnstration has installed click "quit installer".

Now all you have to do is double click on the Force5 free preview instration icon to start enjoying the features of Force5.

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