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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MINIMUM hardware & software needed to run Force 5?
Pentium (or equivalent) processor with 32 MB RAM and at least 20 MB free hard drive space.

I’m buying a new computer, what hardware capability do you suggest?
We highly recommend a Pentium 2 (or higher) processor with at least 32 MB of RAM and 500 MB, or larger, hard drive. Also, get the fastest chip available. The more RAM you have, the faster all your modern programs will run.

Do I need a special monitor or video card to run Force 5.
No, a standard VGA monitor with 256 color mode is recommended along with an accelerated video card.

Do I need an external word processor or database program to use Force 5?
NO! Force 5 is a full stand-alone dedicated report generator.

What kind of laptop computer do you recommend?
Any color screen laptop with 8MB RAM, at least a 340 MB hard drive. Although a little more expensive an active matrix screen is recommended, however a dual scan passive matrix is adequate. But, ensure that it can run in 256 color mode. Some color laptops can not!

Is this a true Windows® program or is it a DOS application running under Windows®?
Force 5 is a true Windows® program written in Microsoft® high level programming languages.

Does Force 5 require a windows swap file?
At least a temporary Windows® swap file is required, while a permanent swap file is recommended. See your Windows® documentation if you are unfamiliar with the use of swap files.

How do I know if my printer is adequate and will be supported by Force 5?
It is recommended that you test your printer from Windows® notepad or any other Windows® text editor prior to installing Force 5. If it prints from Windows® it will work with Force 5.

How often should I backup my surveys produced with Force 5?
For protection of valuable data you will be storing on your hard disk, a tape backup is strongly recommended. You should back up your system to tape as often as you generate data you’re not willing to risk the losing.

What advantages do I have over using a regular word processor program?
Although a regular word processor would allow you to create a generic report outline, you still have the chore of retyping items specific to the vessel you are surveying. With Force 5, you type a new item choice, finding or recommendation only once and it is always there for use again - just a click away.

What about spell checking?
Force 5 has an integrated spell checker. You never again have to remember whether it is "maintenance" or "maintenance." By the way, it’s maintenance.

Does Force 5 allow you to do surveys for pre-purchase, re-insurance and commercial vessels?
Force 5 comes with a built in pre-purchase survey format. Optional re-insurance and Commercial/Fishing Vessel templates are available at a nominal fee.

Is the program set up for both power and sail survey reports?
Yes, the program has all the information for both power and sail. However, when setting up for a new survey, if you do not require Sails and Rigging information you can simply check not to include it.

What kind of technical support do you provide?
We have thoroughly tested Force 5 and it comes with a comprehensive user’s manual. Therefore we do not expect a great number of calls for personal system support. However, we have set up an excellent technical support system in the event you have any problems. This web site is your first place to check for Tech Support as we will be posting any tips and tricks here. Also, you may request Tech Support at any time and we'll get back to you ASAP.

If you come out with an upgrade, can I get the new version?
All currently registered Force 5 customers will be notified and given incentives to upgrade to new versions prior to release to the public.

Do I have a trial period?
You may purchase a full working version of Force 5 and try it risk free for 45 days. The demo price will be credited toward the purchase price of the entire, documented version of Force 5. If for any reason within the forty five days you decide not to purchase Force 5, we will refund $25.00 of the demo price upon the return of the demo materials.

Contact a Force 5 Technical Support Representative
772-334-8555 (9 AM to 5 PM Mon.-Fri.) or 772-229-8691 (24 hr. voice mail).




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